Friday, April 27, 2012

Mistreatment of Women is a Human Problem

I have been reading articles and posts lately blaming religion, and specifically Abrahamic religion, for the mistreatment of women in history. I submit that although there is a problem of exploitation of women in our history, it is not a religious problem, but a human problem. Proof is that secularism has not removed the problem. I have heard items in the news recently that illustrate this. Warning, the articles I am linking are moderately explicit.

The first example is an article I found today called  "Gangbang Interviews"and "Bikini Shots": Silicon Valley’s Brogrammer Problem. The Silicon Valley technology culture is very secular, but that hasn't prevented it from falling into some very bad treatment of women. The second example concerns sex trafficking in China. I heard a story on the radio, so I did a search on the topic, and this article,  Gendercide and the Cultural Context of Sex Trafficking in China, was representative of what I heard on the radio. Although the Chinese has not succeeded in completely wiping out religion in their country, it is dominated by an atheistic regime.

While I'm not denying that there are religious people mistreating women, and that they will often try to use their religion to justify their actions, but I do not believe that Christianity, at least not Catholic Christianity, is the cause. Rather, Christ promoted the dignity of women in a Greco-Roman world that treated women like property. Churches which are faithful to Christ do the same.

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