Sunday, January 25, 2015

Welcome Readers of Hoc Tempus

I have closed down a blog I had on called Hoc Tempus, and I left a post for readers of that blog to come over to this one. You will find all of the posts and most of the comments from Hoc Tempus moved over to Scriptorium, and all of my new posts will be here. You will also find posts of mine dating back to the beginning of this blog in 2003.

This blog started with computer programming material, and then took a theological bent. Hoc Tempus was started as a critique on modernity, but then became more general. Although for now I am keeping the name, Scriptorium, for this blog, I am not restricting it to theological content. I hope to blog about all of my interests, including my work in technology and education.

So, with that, I welcome all of you who are new to Scriptorium, as well as those who have read it in the past.