Monday, May 22, 2006

Fitnesse and C#

I'm learning a lot of new stuff right now. I'm trying to quickly get up to speed in the .NET world with C#. In addition, I'm learning NUnit, a unit test framework for .NET, and I'm learning Fitnesse, which is a tool for writing requirements in terms of acceptance tests.

I found a tutorial by Cory Foy for using Fitnesse with .NET which would have got me up and running quickly except that Fitnesse, as of last week, was built with support for .NET 1.1, and I've got the latest Visual Studio 2005 which supports .NET 2.0. Fortunately, in the comments for Cory's post I found a reference to Jeff Mattfield's instructions for building Fitnesse for .NET 2.0. After doing the rebuild I was good to go.

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