Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Enterprise Ruby

The Rails web application framework has put the Ruby language in the spotlight. However, as some enterprise developers have looked into Rails, they find that it doesn't fit their environment very well. Rails has a focused, opinionated design which works wonderfully for programmers who are willing and able to work the "Rails way". However, there are legacy and enterprise environments that don't fit into the Rails mold.

However, the Ruby language is not as opinionated, and Martin Fowler has written a good article about the difference between the Rails philosophy, and the larger Ruby philosophy, showing that there is value to both.

Another indication of the enterprise nature of Ruby is the Enterprise Ruby Studio workshop. The stuff covered in this workshop is not as hot as Rails, but it looks like it's full of very useful techniques and tools for common enterprise tasks. I wish I could go, and I hope they put a lot of the material into a book soon.

I like an expression that I found Fowler's article, and the Studio web page, which is "Ruby is the glue that doesn't set". I think that Ruby makes it easier than some other glue languages, like Perl, to create code that has a good object-oriented design, which I believe results in code that is easier to modify and reuse.

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