Monday, March 02, 2009

Clojure Gitorial

This article by Larry the Liquid describes a great idea of using the Git version control system combined with the Github hosting service to present a tutorial. Each commit is like a slide in the tutorial. They can be viewed through the Github web interface, or you can clone the repository yourself using Git, enabling experimentation.


chrismo said...

that's cool. i've wanted that in the past while working on code for an article, and ended up having to set aside different dirs for before and after type stuff.

you were into mercurial b4 git got popular - any thoughts on git v. mercurial?

Gregory said...

I have a couple of Git repositories set up right now that I'm using in an attempt to learn more about it. I'm not as comfortable with it as I am Mercurial, so the jury is still out.

For my limited needs, I have not yet seen an advantage for Git, and from what I've learned so far, synchronization of repositories is more awkward in Git, at least for the way I work. Also, I'm having trouble downloading from Github through our web proxy.

I will need to study Git a lot more before I can properly evaluate it, but my intuition is that Git is more powerful than Mercurial and will continue to gain in popularity. Also, I'm impressed with what I've read about its integration with Subversion. I've read about developers in Subversion shops that work in their own personal Git repository from which they push checkins to Subversion, so they can take advantage of distributed version control without changing the corporate infrastructure. Any technology that can slide into place and bear significant fruit without causing a disruption has a great advantage.