Sunday, November 14, 2010


Before going on to the Summer of '77, I want to mention that not all of the science fiction I encountered painted a rosy picture of the future. Concerns of devastating nuclear war, overpopulation, destruction of nature, and dehumanizing technology were reflected in some of the stories I read. These negative visions of the future introduced doubts in my mind that scientific progress would necessarily lead to good. I came to realize that science and technology could be used for evil as well as good, but my hope was that improvements in education would help the future turn positive.


kkollwitz said...

Small, small, world. I was just last night reading an essay about Canticle and the life of its author in the latest edition of this magazine:

This after having read it the first time about 40 years ago in a minor seminary.

Gregory said...

Thanks for the link; it looks like a good article. I recently read The Road and liked it very much. I have a greater appreciation of dystopian stories and tragedies in general than I did as a teenager. Back then they were very upsetting for my optimism.

kkollwitz said...

I read The Road last year, really liked it as well, if 'like' is the word for it.

I was excited about the movie, but have thus far decided not to see it. I think I was burned by having read Children of Men years ago, and then seeing the movie of the same name.