Thursday, August 18, 2011

For these millennials, faith trumps relativism

Why would these young people belong to, much less celebrate, such a backward, oppressive institution as the Roman Catholic Church? And why do they seem to find Pope Benedict, 84, not just endearing but also inspiring?

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Modernism says to forget the ignorant ideas of past generations, and always move forward. Modernism promises "progress"; things will just get better and better. These young people are not buying it. They recognize there is value in their heritage.


Scott said...

Convenient technologies aside, I have to think that as it becomes more and more empirically evident that the promise that things will continue to get "better and better" is false, it necessarily has to become easier to recognize that perhaps folks before you recognized something that has since been lost sight of.

Scott said...

Correction -- "necessarily" is too strong a word. It discounts entirely human beings' knack for cognitive dissonance. But at the very least, the evidence of the rotten core at the heart of modernism ought to give rise to looking elsewhere for truth. And if that truth doesn't lie in the future, then perhaps it lies in the past.