Monday, September 05, 2011

Sedevacantist Sisters Reunite With Church

This is a fascinating story about a group of faithful Catholics who rejected the Catholic Church because of radical changes they experienced in the wake of Vatican II. (Sedevacantism is the belief that there is no valid Pope in the Catholic Church. "Sede" is Latin for "chair", so sedevacntism is the belief that the Chair of Peter, representing the Papal office, is vacant.) It is a chapter in the story of the Catholic Church's struggle with modernity. We see some Catholics, including clergy, who embraced modernity to the point of rejecting Catholic tradition, resulting in this group's complete rejection of modernity along with the Catholic Church.

This story illustrates that the whole subject of modernity is complicated, requiring thoughtful and careful examination. Knee-jerk reactions in either direction are problematic.
Mother Kathryn Joseph sat down to have it out with [her brother] on the whole sedevacantism issue. She recalled, “I had an epiphany in one sitting. I realized that I had been wrong for 35 years. But I was happy to have been proven wrong.”

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