Saturday, December 11, 2004

Back to C++

I have a new job where I'm using C++, so I'm reading Effective C++ by Scott Meyers. This is an awesome book, and should be required reading for all C++ programmers. It's thin and very readable, so there's no excuse!

When I discovered Smalltalk and Java in the mid 90's, I began to be turned off by the complexity of C++. However, I've come to terms with it, realizing that no other popular computer language combines the efficiency and expressive power of C++. The fact remains that it's a difficult language, in which it's easy to create a big mess. Reading and applying Meyers' book is a good safeguard against such messes.


CT Test said...

You'll love Objective-C then. Try it on your Mac :-)

Unknown said...

I'm sure I would like Objective C. Maybe someday I'll have time to learn it.