Saturday, December 11, 2004

JVM Language Support

Both Edd Dumbill and Ted Leung are excited about Tim Bray's report on a dynamic languages summit that Sun hosted. The report has cool pictures of the heros of the Perl/Parrot/Python/Jython/Groovy worlds, including Larry Wall and Guido van Rossum. (By the way, in the picture of Larry and Guido, both of whom I greatly respect, it occured to me that they're dressed like their languages are designed. I'll leave it at that. ;) Take a look for yourself.)

The report is also interesting to read to get an idea of dynamic programming language implementation issues. There are a few things that Sun could do to the JVM that would make dynamic languages work better. It is also interesting to note that Sun is changing their attitude towards the JVM as a platform not necessarily for the Java language only, no doubt influenced by Microsoft's CLR, and the reality of projects like Jython and Groovy, as well as the presence of Tim Bray as a Sun employee.

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